3 Top Tips – Using Advanced Negotiation Skills

As part of our “Advance Negotiation Skills” training, we cover the mindset of an expert negotiator and how to consistently achieve a win-win outcome.

There are many aspects to this which we cover over two days, but here are 3 top tips to keep in mind:

1. Don’t React, Respond
One of the biggest problems that people have in negotiating effectively is that they act without thinking things through when faced with a demand from the other side. Expert negotiators have the tools to slow down the conversation, for just a few moments, so that they can buy themselves some thinking time and can get a sense of perspective that allows them to respond wisely to the other person’s statements.

2. Be Respectful
People like to feel that their views are being taken seriously and that their positions are correctly interpreted. If they feel that their views are understood then they are more likely to change their minds if they are presented with an intelligent counter argument. Top negotiators, therefore, don’t interrupt the other side and explore their views in full before they make any counter proposals or counter arguments.

3. Build a Golden Bridge
Sun Tsu, in the Chinese classic, ‘The art of war’, describes the importance of letting a defeated enemy retreat, rather than fighting to the last man, by building a ‘golden bridge’ for them withdraw across. Advanced negotiators use this concept by taking the time to consider how to make it easy for the other side to move in their direction e.g. by finding a ‘face saving’ formula or a way to make an option that they want to pursue seem like the other person’s suggestion.

Want to know more?

Here’s a link for information on our Advanced Negotiation Skills in-house workshop.

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