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helping to decide the next step

At various points in a person's career it can become both useful and necessary to take a step back to decide what the next step should be. At these critical junctures Career Coaching helps the Coachee to:

  • Review their career to date
  • Identify key competencies they have
  • Create a professional CV, which reflects their career aspirations and leverages their professional knowledge, abilities and strengths
  • Understand and create a substantial and successful network
  • Maximise potential, develop skills, and achieve personal fulfillment

Career Coaching Process

We will create a “Personal Coaching Contract” to clarify roles and responsibilities, agree the outcomes, and develop an action plan.

We will hold a series of Structured Coaching Conversations over a six-month period using a range of reflective processes and tools to address agreed goals. This will typically involve having six sessions, one a month for six months.

Career Coaching Outcomes

The Structured Coaching Conversations enable the coachee to develop their self-awareness, gain insights into their underlying motivations and make informed choices about the future.

The process will provide the focus and support and constructive challenge to allow the Coachee to:

  • Become aware of what they need to do to continue to be successful
  • Contemplate what continued success involves
  • Engage in new behaviours



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  • Understand career motivations and ‘career anchors’
  • Building a strong personal brand
  • Mastering new behaviours

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