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Coaching Clinics

Coaching Clinics

Coaching Clinics are designed to offer business leaders, managers and key staff the opportunity to ‘drop in’ and consult with a professional coach on a regular basis - usually once a month.

Your Coach in Residence

By having an independent coach on hand, individuals can get access to an impartial and professional opinion in a convenient and accessible way.

Having a coach ‘in residence’ means that new opportunities, issues and concerns can be dealt with in a timely manner and in a way that helps individuals grow and develop.

The benefits of Coaching Clinics to companies include:

  • Having an independent coach to look at issues with a ‘fresh pair of eyes’
  • Allowing people access to professional support when they need it
  • Creating a valuable vehicle for skills development
  • Providing tailor made, confidential coaching that develops peoples' skills
  • Delivering on-the-spot help to resolve issues and rising to challenges

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Telephone Coaching

We offer the option to run coaching clinics on a remote basis through telephone, Webex, or Skype.

This phone coaching service is also available as a ‘one off’ service for people who want to address specific skills issues or work challenges e.g. to role play (or simply discuss) up-coming sales meetings, negotiations, appraisal sessions, presentations etc.

Benefits of Telephone Based Coaching Include:

  • Get situation-specific advice
  • Improve performance by receiving timely input from a trusted advisor
  • Quick way of getting help to prepare for major events



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  • Allowing access to expert support
  • Providing an impartial view point
  • Accessing support both ‘face to face’ and via virtual channels

Delivering outstanding
one-to-one and group
coaching assignments

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