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Our senior women coaches provide mentoring guidance and support for senior women who want to develop their careers to their full potential.

Knowing Yourself

The central focus of our coaching for women leaders is that career development, leadership and success starts by really knowing what you want and what your strengths, weaknesses, and motivations are. Once you know what success looks like for you and what sort of person you are, you can then start to act to develop your career.

Developing Key Competencies

Once the goals are clear the coach and coachee will review key topics that women typically need master in order to win a leadership position e.g.

  • Managing time to achieve some kind of work/life balance
  • Having a career plan and willingly moving jobs to implement it
  • Looking at the big picture
  • Having a diverse network of contacts
  • Understanding company politics
  • Negotiating for what you want

Ongoing Planned Support and Guidance

Our coaching women leaders programme involves twelve one-to-one sessions, usually structured as one meeting a month over a twelve month period.



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  • Developing a powerful network
  • Engaging, ethically, in company politics
  • Negotiating to achieve your priorities

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