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Coaching Sales Pitches

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Sometimes teams come together in order to make a formal presentation to a client as part of the tender process or 'beauty parade'. In these cases we can provide coaching to get the team to (i) develop a coherent and compelling pitch (ii) deliver the pitch with confidence and pride.

Naturally, as with all our coaching, the precise format is decided on a case-by-case basis but a typical pattern for the intervention would be:

  1. The team members are emailed ten video nuggets (about 90 seconds per nugget) on how to plan a presentation
  2. The team members are emailed high level pointers on how to structure a sales pitch
  3. The team sketch out an initial rough draft of the talk based on the 'real life' sales opportunity
  4. Coaching on structuring a talk: a half day interactive session on how to design the presentation based the rough draft the team has prepared
  5. The team update the pitch documentation, PP slides etc. and send it to the Boulden coach for final review
  6. The team members are emailed ten video nuggets (about 90 seconds per nugget) on how to deliver a presentation
  7. Coaching on delivering a talk: a half day interactive session on delivering the pitch
  8. Deliver the pitch to the client
  9. Telephone debrief with the Boulden coach team on how the pitch went; capturing of learning points



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  • Supporting in-house teams to design compelling sales pitches
  • Highlighting the key sales messages
  • Delivering the talk as a well drilled team

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