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At Boulden we coach the Senior Executive teams who wish to strengthen their internal communication processes, build trust and improve their overall sense of a shared strategic purpose.

A three stage coaching process

In order to achieve these aims we adopt a three-stage process:

  1. Individual interviews with the team members
  2. An Off-Site, Away Day to develop the team’s working relationship and performance
  3. Follow-up sessions to monitor progress

Individual interviews with the team members

The process begins with a series of ‘one-to-one’ meetings with the consultant and the individual team members to gain an insight into the current team dynamics, and to get a sense of the priorities that the team have for the Away Day.

We ask the team members:

  • How are the relationships currently working?
  • How open are the team with each other?
  • How productive are the team’s meetings?
  • How effective is the team’s decision making process?
  • How ‘aligned’ are the team about the Vision and priorities for the business?

An Off-Site, Away Day

The interviews are followed by an Off-Site, Away Day focusing on exercises that will move the senior team through a series of developmental levels.

The precise format will depend on the priorities of the team and will typically start with reviewing the trust and confidence each executive member has in their fellow team members to ‘do the right thing’. We will also review the team’s capacity to engage in positive conflict based on debating ideas (as opposed to avoidance of the issues) and their commitment to focus on achieving collective results (i.e. emphasis on team targets rather than individual goals). 

The Away Day will end with a commitment to an agreed action plan aimed at developing team cohesion.

Follow up sessions

For a lasting improvement to occur there needs to be a commitment to take action and receive feedback on the results. For the next three Board meetings following on from the Away Day the Boulden Consultant will observe the Executive Team meetings and give feedback on the behaviours that the top team are using (in line with the commitments made in the action plan).



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  • Build trust and openness
  • Develop consensus around the strategic vision
  • One team, one message, one set of values

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