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Coaching in Speech Making

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Great leaders need to be able to give outstanding speeches that inspire employees, customers and investors. This ‘one-to-one’ coaching programme helps senior people to master the art of writing and delivering captivating keynote talks at conferences, ‘town hall’ meetings, investor briefings and Annual General Meetings.

The coach will work with the coachee, using ‘real life’ speaking opportunities to craft elegant and powerful speeches including a consideration of the writing process and platform skills.

Coaching on the Writing Process

We offer twelve structured conversations, twice a month for six months to help:

  • The development disciple from initial brief through to final editing
  • Rules for delegating the initial crafting
  • Leveraging the speech to create ‘marketing collateral’
  • Key rhetorical devices that can be used to lift the content of a talk from good to great e.g. triads, amphora, anecdotes, quotes, analogy, sensory language etc.

Support with Platform skills

Mastering some of the platform or presentation skills that turn a routine talk into a memorable experience e.g. stage presence, energy management, powerful gestures, impactful opening, voice control and memorable closing remarks.



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  • Learning rhetorical skills
  • Hitting the ‘right tone’
  • Delivering a message with presence and impact

Delivering outstanding
one-to-one and group
coaching assignments

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