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reaching an understanding

At the start of a coaching assignment we find it useful to clarify what everyone's role is and to briefly cover how the process works, in order to avoid any misunderstandings once the coaching is underway.

With this in mind we usually discuss the proposed duration of the coaching assignment; the role of the Coach, Coachee, and Sponsor; plus the reporting process.

Length of Coaching Assignment

A Boulden Coaching Contract usually involves six sessions, each about one month apart. The date and tine of each session is to be agreed between the Coach and Coachee.

The Coach's Role

The Coach's role is to guide the Coachee through a development process to help them to achieve their goals. Amongst other things the Coach will be a catalyst for change, maintain confidentiality, and question the Coachee's thought processes.

The Coachee's Role

The Coachee's role is to take responsibility for their own development. The Coachee should; think for themselves, commit to doing the work and be willing to accept help.

The Sponsor's Role

The sponsor's role is to support the Coachee as they learn new knowledge, skills and attitudes and try to apply them within the business environment. The Sponsor should honestly explain the reason for the coaching, make the time to review progress, and provide (if appropriate) additional advice or mentoring.

Reporting Process

The usual procedure is that after each session the Coach drafts a short report covering what was been discussed and the development actions that have been agreed. No personal or sensitive information is included in the report. Once the Coachee has approved this report it is sent to the Sponsor so they know (in general terms) what is being done to develop the Coachee.



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  • Properly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Agreeing a specific timeline and ‘end point’
  • Clarifying expectation of confidentiality and reporting requirements

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