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getting on board at a new company

Starting work for a new organisation at a senior level is exciting, inspiring and potentially very stressful. There is the need to ‘hit the ground running’ and make an immediate impact while learning about the company's culture, influencing networks, business challenges, understanding the capabilities of the staff etc.

Analysing the current situation, diagnosing and prioritising challenges while developing relationships and (perhaps) managing conflict, makes for a steep learning curve and presents many risks as well as opportunities.

Reviewing priorities and action plans with an independent coach can be immensely important in providing support and an objective sounding board to help you manage these challenges as well as providing you with independent feedback on issues being faced in the new environment.

Confidential Support to Help Grasp the Realities of the New Situation

We offer twelve structured conversations, twice a month for six months to help:

  • Develop an awareness of the new organisation's culture
  • Appreciate your leadership style and the impact it has on the existing team
  • Map the key social networks
  • Assess the talent that you have to draw on
  • Integrate effectively into the leadership team
  • Avoid potential pitfalls



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  • Helping managers ‘ get up to speed’ in the new role
  • Getting to grips with company culture
  • Understanding the ‘team dynamics’ and ‘relationship maps’

Delivering outstanding
one-to-one and group
coaching assignments

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