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Team Coaching

Supporting Existing Teams

From time to time executives welcome the perspective and discipline that an external consultant can provide when they are debating major decisions.

In addition we can, if required, provide tried and tested templates for running meetings that can be used for Problem Solving, Visioning, and Strategy Development and Team Building.

Developing effective team work

With our work with intact teams we actively seek to:

  • Create an environment that is conducive to open, honest, creative and courteous communication
  • Develop and deepen professional relationships and interpersonal understanding
  • Focus on the matter in hand as a Boulden Coach guides the team through a development process
  • Utilise tried and tested formats for addressing specific types of challenges
  • Agree specific actions for moving the team forward

The New Managers Assimilation process

The New Manager Assimilation process (pioneered by GE) aims to rapidly speed up the establishment of trust, understanding and open communication between a newly appointed Senior Executive and his/her direct reports.

This consists of:

  1. The Coach meets with the new leaders' direct reports and discusses (a) what the team wants to know about the new manager and (b) what they think the new manager needs to know about them (c) what the team thinks the manager should know about the major challenges faced by the team (d) what things are going well in the organisation.
  2. The Coach then consolidates these views of the team, prepares a report for the new manager.
  3. The Coach and the new manager meet and discuss the report and how the new manager could/should respond to the information provided by the team.
  4. The Coach facilitates a session with the new manager and the team at which the new manager (i) presents their response to the points raised by the team (ii) seeks clarification of points (if required) (iii) explains his/her style of managing and (iv) invites an open discussion of any and all matters raised (v) action points are agreed.
  5. A follow up session some months after the first one during which the Coach canvasses the teams views on three points (i) what is the manager doing that we like and should continue doing? (ii) What is the manager doing that they should do less of (ii) what is the manager not doing that we want him/her to start doing? As with the first set of meetings this input is fed back to the manager before being discussed between the manager and the team.

The essential point of the process is to make the manager/employee relationship a positive and productive one in the shortest amount of time possible, and so allow the maximum amount of focus to be placed on achieving business goals, rather than negotiating boundaries and relationship issues.



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  • Supporting the alignment of vision and values in project teams
  • Helping new managers engage with their direct reports

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