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We offer dynamic and powerful personal and professional development using a group coaching format based on the Action Learning Philosophy.

Learning from ‘real-life’ situations

Action Learning ( as developed by Professor Reg Revans) is based on the concept of ‘learning by doing’; in a nutshell, advocates of Action Learning believe that people learn best from trying things out in practice and reflecting on what happens as a result of their actions and why. So the basic format is that participants:

  • Set themselves a specific goal they want to achieve
  • Take some initial actions to reach the goal
  • Reflect on what has happened in an “Action Learning Set”

These Set Meetings are usually for around six to nine participants; happen once a month, over a six-month period and are facilitated by an external group coach.

A flexible, targeted approach to development

The focus for the Action Learning can be adjusted to achieve specific organisational aims. For example, it is commonly used to help people prepare for a promotion, in which case all the participant’s goals are based on a career development objective. However, the model is highly flexible e.g. the goals could be based on responding to key points from a performance appraisal; taking action in response to 360 degree feedback; implementing a restructure or leading a change management initiative etc.

The Action Learning Equation

The “Action Learning Equation”, explains how Action Learning brings about personal growth and promotes change. It is:-

L= P + Q + A + R + A

  • L (learning or personal growth) and that is a function of:
  • P (programmed knowledge; the things that are well-known and can be taught in the traditional way)
  • Q (questioning insight; the knowledge gained from questioning what is happening and adapting existing knowledge to new, unusual or changing circumstances)
  • A (action; trying something out to see what will happen)
  • R (reflection; stepping back and reviewing what results are being achieved and why they are occurring)

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  • Focusing on resolving a ‘real life’ issue
  • Mentoring from a peer group who are also tacking their own ‘problem’ or challenge
  • Guidance, to the whole group, from an expert coach

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