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Leadership Profiling

Leadership Profiling

At Boulden we use in-depth, personal profiling (including the use of 360 degree feedback plus selected psychometrics like Hogan Development Survey and Saville WAVE) to help senior leaders become more consciously aware of:

  1. How they see themselves
  2. How they want to be seen by others
  3. How they are actually seen by others
  4. How mutual understanding can develop a highly effective leadership team

Understanding Strengths and Weaknesses

The ‘Leadership Profiling’ process is similar to running an individual development centre but the personalised and consultative nature of the process means that it is more appropriate (and more palatable) for senior executives.

Tailored Development Plans

The benefits of Leadership Profiling include:

  • Generating tailored feedback on strengths and weaknesses
  • Creating powerful development plans based upon in-depth analysis
  • Giving insights on where changes can be made without the participants having the sense of being ‘judged’ or criticised
  • Allowing successful people to become even more successful


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