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The Action Learning philosophy, as developed by Professor Reg Revans, is based on the concept that people learn by doing and that the most effective development relates to addressing ‘real life’ business issues, problems and opportunities. The philosophy states that this process works best when people meet in a support group (or Action Learning Set) and mentor and coach each other as they develop themselves via taking on a specific project or problem. This is a vital and dynamic way of developing competencies as it tasks individual participants with becoming top performers by working on real life issues in the ‘live’ business environment, but with the support of their colleagues.

Expert advice on programme design

As part of this service we will give detailed advice on the format of the programme. In addition we will provide expert coaching, facilitation, and guidance to the participants as they develop their management skills and enhance their personal effectiveness.

We are members of International Foundation or Action Learning (IFAL.) See resources for further information.

The benefits of Action Learning based skills development include:

  • Integrating skills from a training course into the work place
  • Developing high potential employees
  • Preparing people for promotion
  • Supporting culture change within the business

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  • Development based on practical action
  • Enhancing awareness using peer feedback
  • Learning to support others

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