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Developing leaders via action learning

Action Learning & Leadership Development

Good leadership matters, and at Boulden we develop leadership capability based on a group-coaching format that utilises ‘Action Learning’ methodologies.

This initiative is aimed at providing discrete and targeted leadership development for a group of six to nine senior managers, where they can ‘learn with and from each other’ as they develop their leadership skills and learning agility as part of a self help group or "Set".

Setting goals that make a difference

The process begins with the participants setting clear and specific goals for developing their leadership capabilities. These ‘leadership challenges’ will vary from person to person. Some will be ‘technical’ in nature e.g. to get a better grasp of strategic thinking concepts and others may be focused on intra or interpersonal capabilities e.g. to develop more trusting relationships or improve their “visibility” to the wider organisation.

Peer support to move outside the ‘comfort zone’

Once set the participants work to achieve their goals and as they do so they benefit from the advice of their colleagues and the support of the external group coach. The encouragement from a team of people who are facing similar challenges helps the Set Members to take calculated risks and overcome obstacles in a way that would be very difficult if they were acting alone and helps them to grow by moving outside their natural comfort zone. This is what makes the change and skills development component of Action Learning so powerful.

Real problems and real development

The focus on making things happen in the real world makes this type of programme highly practical and relevant to the participants' leadership development needs and can generate very high levels of engagement and personal growth.




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